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From telecom/ICT to digital economy strategies, international best practice benchmarking to emergency telecommunications, Luxon offers a broad range of policy and regulatory framework assistance. We can also support our private sector clients to meet the requirements of national and regional regulations, and to manage the impacts of regulatory change.



• Competition analysis

• Licensing and authorizations

• Quality of service

• Spectrum planning, allocation and assignment procedures

• Spectrum fees and valuation

• e-Government

• Digital economy

• National Emergency Telecommunication Plans

• Waste of electric and electronic equipment

• Universal Service Funds

We have a proven track record of pinpointing businesses’ challenges and weaknesses, then actualizing opportunities for growth. Whether you need a technology assessment or investment plan, a map to new markets or competition analysis, Luxon’s deep understanding of business administration and dynamics can propel your company to new heights.



• Investment plan and network roll-out

• Technology assessment

• Entry to new markets

• Competition analysis

• Licensing and authorizations

• International best practices (benchmarks)

We specialize in gathering information to produce vital key findings, while our market analysis work can investigate industries, customers, competitors and other market variables, plus supply and demand info for a specific product or service. If you need to know about technology market trends, an assessment of the telecom/ICT or digital economy sectors, or some other subject, we’re ready to report for you.

• Quantitative and qualitative analysis

• Technology market trends

• International best practices (benchmarks)

• Competition analysis

Luxon can enable you to form an effective technology strategy, produce a business case for change and create a route map to get you there. From telecom/ICT assessments to satellite technologies, mobile 5G, to the Internet of Things (IOT), with our team on board you’ll discover exciting innovations and the right tech to raise your game to a new level.



• Technology assessment

• International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT)

• Satellite technologies

• Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)

• Wired networks (FTTx, cable)

• Internet of Things (IoT)

• High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS)

Good management of compliance obligations and political risk is significant for strong corporate governance and planning, so we excel in understanding effective relations between business and government. By combining public policy and regulatory insights with our telecom/ICT and digital economy fields knowledge, we empower clients to maximize their relationships.

• Government organizations responsible of ICT/Telecom, spectrum and digital economy policies and regulations

• Multilateral organizations related to ICT/Telecom and spectrum issues such as CITEL, ITU, CEPT, ATU, APT, among others

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